Ways to Give

  • There are many ways to give, below we’ve outlined a few different options. To donate directly to either fund you can go through the links on the Epsilon Chapter website at www.agrfargo.celect.org  under the Donations tab. We have also added the commitment forms for you to print, fill out, and send in. If you have any questions on how to give please contact the board and we can help to answer your question or direct you to the correct person at either foundation.


    Corporate Matching Gifts

    Many companies will match donations made by their employees to non-profit, tax exempt foundations. Contact your employer to find out if they have a gift matching program! Let the us know if you need help completing the forms.


    Planned Gifts

    Planned gifts such as whole life insurance policies, wills and estate plans when one of the Foundations is named as the owner and beneficiary of 100% of the policy, are graciously accepted. Both Foundations have personnel that can help guide you through this type of gift


    Gifts of Real Estate

    We are happy to work with any prospective donor interested in a gift of real estate. Please contact the board for this type of gift so we can direct you to the proper personnel at either Foundation to review the gift of real estate before acceptance.


    Tangible Personal Property

    Such as jewelry, artwork, collections, equipment and software may be accepted by either Foundation, after approval from that Foundation



    Gifts such as readily marketable securities are graciously accepted. Making a gift of stock can have tax benefits, capital gain taxes can be avoided and you may deduct the full fair market value of the gift. After consultation, non-publicly traded securities may also be accepted by the either Foundation.



    Regardless of the amount, is graciously accepted by Epsilon Chapter, as outright gifts of cash, check, credit card or money order. You can mail your check or credit card donations to the Foundation with the contact information on page 31.



    Commodities are a great way for Brothers who are in production agriculture to support the chapter. Making a gift of grain, other crops or livestock, might be a more comfortable or convenient way to give back. Although the process is simple, the impact is significant, and may be a tax-advantage opportunity worth your consideration. Please contact either Foundation to discuss this option further.