• Cheryl Cullen



    Dear Alpha Gamma Rho Epsilon Alumni and Friends,


    I believe that whenever you relay an experience and begin with the opening line …”this is such a long shot “ or …..”what are the odds of this?”….. that the story you explain will be an example of destiny with

    God’s fingerprints all over it. 


    On July 3rd 2017 I’d declined an invitation to my sister’s lake home even though it would have been an entirely delightful occasion. I was weary; my heart was just too heavy, for so long I’d been watching things fall apart. Later that evening I pulled out my laptop and got back on the Indeed website to continue my job search. I’d forgotten to apply the filters that would eliminate jobs that did not fit the description of sales, hospitality or esthetician work. I didn’t notice and continued to browse through page after page reading job openings till my eyes blurred. Then, over 25 pages into the search I saw it ……Housemother for a fraternity…… and read on. I sat up straighter and leaned forward to digest the

    paragraphs that held the most incredible possibility, an opportunity that would bless me beyond anything I could have imagined, a position I’d never thought to search for even though it felt perfect.


    The Alpha Gamma Rho Epsilon Chapter had taken fifty years off from filling the position of Housemother. It had become an obsolete notion for generations of young men choosing to better themselves by joining a remarkable chapter of an esteemed fraternity. For decades alumni continued to plant the seeds of encouragement, to nudge to the best of their ability, to influence the young men to bring this tradition back. Yet ultimately the decision was up to the members on the current roster of the AGR Epsilon chapter.


    What are the odds? I should have been on a pontoon toasting the eve of the Fourth of July

    holiday. My standard search filters should have eliminated this domestic opportunity from my job search. Why did this group of men make the unlikely choice to bring back a long lost tradition? Fifty years had passed since a Housemother shared this beautiful home at 1303 University Drive, Fargo ND.

    I believe it was destiny, and God blessed me greatly with an opportunity to….. watch things finally fall into place.


    I will be forever grateful for everyone that played their hand to bring this opportunity into my life. My hopes and intentions as Housemother are to fulfill my role as a supportive maternal influence and to help them evolve into better men. I believe character counts. How you treat others in word and deed is the true measure of integrity and clear evidence of positive character traits.


    My training as a certified life coach will greatly influence my role. I will help the brothers to discover their values and encourage them to make decisions to honor those values, which leads to greater fulfillment. I hope to build self esteem, in part by serving them with reminders about their essential role as agriculture professionals. There is no more significant profession in humankind than insuring the world is fed. Without agriculture, without farmers, we all perish. I also intend to help them better understand intuition and the profound potential it has to influence their path in life.


    I truly believe that much of our happiness is determined by our perspective. As it’s been said…. it’s not what happens to you in life that matters, it’s how you choose to handle it. I am an example of someone that has overcome tremendous heartache, and continues to believe in benevolence and providence. The opportunity to become the Housemother for this group of remarkable young men is a privilege, a pleasure, and stunning evidence of God’s grace for which I feel deeply blessed.


    I want to thank all of you for encouraging the brothers to consider a Housemother. Without your influence surely this opportunity would not have evolved. I also want to thank you for your continued support of this Epsilon Chapter, and for countless gestures of influence and contribution in ways I may never become aware of. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible!


    Warm regards,

    Mom Cheryl