• Tackling Breast Cancer


    This fall the brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho planned and carried out a philanthropy project to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  We chose breast cancer in honor of our cook of 16 years, Sally Osborn, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last winter.  She has surgery and underwent radiation treatment and has since made a full recovery.  The project had two separate parts.  The first was a grill out/block party where we received overwhelming support from the Greek community and NDSU students.  The second part was a Pink Out Campus day.  We ordered pink t-shirts that read "Tackling Breast Cancer", sold them to students and then on October 10th everyone wore their shirts and we "pinked out campus".  The project was incredibly successful and on November 26th, the men of Alpha Gamma Rho proudly presented the American Cancer Society with a check for $5500.  We intend to make this a yearly philanthropy event and are very excited to start planning for next year.



  • Farmers Feeding Fargo


    In past semesters at Epsilon, we’ve contributed to the community by doing various activities like picking up trash along our adopt-a-highway stretch, or selling wheat emptied from old samples from research plots and donating the proceeds to Farm Rescue. It’s been quite some time, however, since we’ve held our own special event at the house, and invited the public to help out. What better time to do this than our first semester living in the newly renovated house! Our idea was to hold a community food drive, and offer a meal and a house tour to anyone who came with a food item. We named the event “Farmers Feeding Fargo,” and it was a success as we collected 129 pounds of food. We also accepted money donations which were distributed to the Great Plains Food Bank ($180) and Farm Rescue ($154). We plan to continue these types of events in years to come as well as use our newly found experience to improve participation. A special thanks to all alumni who stopped by or donated money. Your support is greatly appreciated.



  • Overview


    Philanthropy is an important part of being a brother of AGR. The Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho is involved with the community in several different ways.  From our Christmas Salvation Army Bell ringers to working at the Charism Center and picking up trash on our adopted mile on 13th Ave.    If you would like to find out what the Charism Center has to offer the Fargo/Moorhead area is please visit their website at